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I can't even remember my first CW operations as a novice, without a sidetone (but I still have the QSLs).  My second setup used an HW16, which has a sidetone (as every rig I have built and used perhaps since then). 

If you called this op who said your frequency was a bit low -- keep this in mind: the receive passband on a BJ is very wide compared to most anyone's receiver.  your ability to put your transmitter and receiver on same pitch is how well you match them by ear. 

I suspect all is well with your BJ. 

I imagine someone will post how to homebrew a sidetone in the BJ.  the rival Para80Set has both sidetone and electronic TR switching - so its a bit modern in these features!  Its a smaller board and isn't set up to be a front panel -- so guess what I have some drilling to do to get this thing put into a box. 

note a sidetone circuit can operate in parallel if you don't insist it come through your headphones.  I am a bit surprised they did not leave space on the board for sidetone circuitry, but needless to say it should fit easily inside the hobby lobby box. 

CUL Curt

On Monday, February 6, 2017 11:49 AM, David Wilcox

I did have one contact that said my frequency was a little low when I first called him but then was stable for the rest of the QSO.  He said my transmit frequency was right on, same as I had determined here at home.  I haven't had any other comments.

I do find the lack of a side tone to be very handicapping since my CW skill is poor.  I tried another small receiver near to the rig and that does help.

Dave K8WPE

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