Re: BJ stability

Jim, N5IB

I've found that to be a frequent comment.
 It often is from another op who isn't used to working rockbound stations.

You hear a CQ, plug in the closest crystal you have and answer
Other op hears you close by and replies but says you were off frequency
Other op retunes to your frequency
You still hear him in the wide Rx
You reply
He says "OK you're right on now" never realizing you didn't touch a thing  :^))

I've had exchanges on sked forums that proceeded as:

I'm on 7050.3
---can you go to 7055?
no, I'm crystal controlled
--- OK, I'll listen for you on 7055
can't transmit there, crystal control
--- can you switch to VFO?
no VFO here
---OK sorry, my tuner is set for 7055

I just chuckle and carry on  :^))


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I did have one contact that said my frequency was a little low when I first called him but then was stable for the rest of the QSO. He said my transmit frequency was right on, same as I had determined here at home. I haven't had any other comments.>

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