Hidden Oscillator


            At the conclusion of the prize drawings on Saturday I’m going to activate a small rf oscillator and hide it somewhere in or around the Stonecastle. The person that returns it to me will receive an unbuilt Hy-Per-Mite* audio filter kit as a prize.

            The oscillator is set to approximately 7116.5 kHz and it switches on for about 1.5 seconds and off for about the same amount of time. You will be able to hear it with your cw receiver. (Actually it’s possible to "hear" it with just a portable AM shortwave receiver but during the ‘on’ time it will just quiet the receiver and you won’t get the nice CW note without a BFO). I can hear it with my County Comm GP-5/SSB receiver 125 feet away. I’ll let it run until someone finds it or until I have to leave on Sunday.

            It will be hidden in a “common” area that is accessible to everyone at any time. Nothing will have to be disassembled and nothing of any major consequence will have to be moved to find it. It will be stationary and its retrieval will not require you to be in an unsafe situation.


Good luck.






*The Hy-Per-Mite is a killer filter.  Check this out:



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