Pixie success

Dennis Schaefer

I bought an assembled Pixie from eBay. It was in a little plastic box and only cost a little over $7.00. The Pixie is definitely a novelty rig, but an actual transceiver for $7.00 with free shipping from China can't be resisted.

I hooked up the antenna and heard lots of signals. It would hear many signals on 7.023 that my big rig wouldn't. I found out the reason was that it was simultaneously receiving on 7.023 and 14.046, with about 3 KHz bandwidth on both frequencies. Lots of very high CW tones!

I put a 40 meter external bandpass filter in the line and was able to have a QSO with WA5BDU, who is about 7 miles away.

I also made a contact with BDU on my Ham-Can. I built this a couple of years ago, but never got it to work. Some careful attention to solder connections finally made it work. I'd like to get a QSO out of the local area, so I'll listen on it and see if I can snag anyone. It is not on 7.122, it's more like 7.118.

Now to get the controls hooked up on the 20 meter One Watter I got from WK8S....

Dennis, W5RZ

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