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Good Job Walter.
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The original email blog of the 4SQRP Group -- copyright February 2017
Walter - K5EST - Editor

This coming weekend

SSS Second Sunday Spring
February 12th

The Second Sunday Sprint is this coming Sunday, February 12th7:00-9:00 
pm CST (Monday, 0100-0300Z). The rules are simple. Go to the 4SQRP 
website <> and click on "4SQRP on air activities" Scroll 
down to the bottom of that page and you will see a summary of the rules, 
plus links to where you submit your score and where you can get the 
complete rules.

If you tried to participate but nobody heard you (or you heard nobody), 
feel free to enter a score of 0 points, as long as you made an honest 
try for at least 15 minutes. Obviously, reporting a score of 0 is 
optional and won't affect anything, but it will give me an idea of how 
many people are participating.

I don't have 80M capability, but I understand 80M has been more friendly 
than 40M lately. It might be worth listening down there for a while.


John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

OzarkCon 2017

With less than 50 days until the pre-registration ends to the Premier MidWest QRP Conference, OzarkCon, please do not wait to pre-register! Do it now :-)

PrePaid Registrants will receive the following items in your package at the Registration desk when you arrive in Branson: 
1. Tickets for the prize drawings (two per registration) 
2. Meal tickets for the Friday night banquet dinner (if you ordered them) 
3. Souvenir callsign and name ID badge (if pre-registered and paid by the dates indicated on the website)

an OzarkCon FIRST.....
The Hidden Oscillator


At the conclusion of the prize drawings on Saturday I’m going to activate a small rf oscillator and hide it somewhere in or around the Stonecastle. The person that returns it to me will receive an unbuilt Hy-Per-Mite* audio filter kit as a prize.

 The oscillator is set to approximately 7116.5 kHz and it switches on for about 1.5 seconds and off for about the same amount of time. You will be able to hear it with your cw receiver. (Actually it’s possible to "hear" it with just a portable AM shortwave receiver but during the ‘on’ time it will just quiet the receiver and you won’t get the nice CW note without a BFO). I can hear it with my County Comm GP-5/SSB receiver 125 feet away. I’ll let it run until someone finds it or until I have to leave on Sunday.

 It will be hidden in a “common” area that is accessible to everyone at any time. Nothing will have to be disassembled and nothing of any major consequence will have to be moved to find it. It will be stationary and its retrieval will not require you to be in an unsafe situation. 

Good luck.......73, Bill - KV6Z

Dummy Load QSO Party at O'Con

Be sure to bring along a portable rig, a dummy load and some QSL cards. There will be a fun operating event at the Stone Castle to make some QSO's on a dummy load. Suggested operating frequency is around 7040 and 7122KHz CW.

Special event station KØN will be on the air as well as WQ5RP on the dummy load. Make a QSO with KØN or WQ5RP and bring your QSL card to the station to be entered into a special prize drawing!

Terry, WA0ITP has provided some info on the OzarkCon Dummy Load Special Antenna that might be helpful to increase your signal strength.  Check it ot on Terry's web site.

The Bayou Jumper

Have you heard a "Jumper" on the air? This popular nostalgic kit has a huge following. Being "rock-bound" (crystal controlled) dread has sure changed over the years. The rock-bound has become an on the air status symbol. I hear operators moving frequencies to accommodate the the crystal bound stations. Seems like the nautical rules ......power boats give way to sail.

The rig has a socket for the old-style FT243 crystals, plus 7030 and 7122 kHz crystals and included crystal adapters. If you have old 7MHz Novice crystals, you can use them with this rig! AND only one toroid to wind in the receiver, and none in the transmitter. Only ONE for the whole rig!

To order your Bayou Jumper before OzarkCon, see

SMALL ........but Not a Magnetic Loop Antenna

Maybe you remember the ole time twin lead vertical. How about a coax non-magnetic loop that is small and has some possibilities. My first loop was worth more experimenting. Best part is that NO butterfly capacitors or vacuum variables are needed :-) See:


72/73....Walter Dufrain - K5EST


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