Ozarkcon is over

Tom Sevart <n2uhc@...>

Seems like just as fast as it came, Ozarkcon 2013 is over. And I am pooped. I didn't sleep very good last night and was awake for about an hour because I couldn't sleep. I think I was just too excited and couldn't get my mind to shut down enough to drift back to sleep.

I enjoyed seeing everyone again, and enjoyed seeing all the great projects in the homebrew contest. I'm happy to say that my tire valve stem wacky key won, as well as my touch paddle keyer for the Station Accessories section. Johnny's paraset was a thing of beauty. The NS-40/SS-40 combo rig that won best in show was an electronic work of art. While it wasn't entered in the contest, Woody's electronic Enigma simulator was also a beautiful and neat project.

This year I managed to put up a 20M dipole and worked the WQ5RP station at the other end of the building with my new Wilderness SST. I also managed to work a high school station in Austin, TX. The SST has limited tuning range and is 20M only, so maybe next year I'll bring my triband rig and see how well 30 and 40 does.

The presentations were top notch again this year, and hearing about telegraphy being portrayed in the movie Lincoln makes me want to go see it. I also have a bunch of parts to make a crystal radio, so will need to get busy working on that. I had a QRO lunch at Starvin' Marvin's, so the afternoon presentations were kind of hard to stay awake for.

Tonight I'm a bit too tired to be too social, so I played around with my SDR dongle listening to VHF and UHF, and managed to find the 2-way frequency for hotel staff. Or at least for one of the hotels around here. Now it's 9 PM and I think I'm going to turn in so I can be rested up for my 3 hour drive home in the morning.

See you all next year!

Tom Sevart N2UHC
St. Paul, KS

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