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Johnny AC0BQ

Hey Jeremy
The presentation from Joe was FB, as always.
I have been building for several years, and I might have a fair "junk box" built up.
I pick up extra parts with every order I make for repairs or projects. You can get a pretty good resistor pack at Rat Shack.
I bought an assortment of caps from Doug and one of the other groups a few years ago. 
It is hard to find  all the different parts at a one stop shop!
Just my thoughts.
Johnny AC0BQ

On Saturday, April 6, 2013, Charlie , W5COV wrote:

Jeremy , there are probably several other people that are in the same position that you are . Perhaps on some things there could be a "group buy" done . Mouser usually has some VERY good prices when you buy most items in quantity .
Be careful buying China parts on eBay . Some are not what they appear to be or what they are advertised as , when you begin to peel back the layers .

Disk ceramics are something that may seem like a trivial item , but it is better to know that you are getting quality parts for several reasons . One that applies to all parts , is make sure the quality is good enough to be able to reliably reproduce your circuit or projects .

Transistors are another China item that may or very well may not be the same specs as what you think you are buying .

Maybe some individual or club could take on a project to provide a builder/hobbyist assortment to start a good junk box .

Naturally an assortment of toroids should be a part of any junk box and Diz might even be convinced to make up an assortment package .

Just a few thoughts . Hope to make it over there next year and meet a lot of you in person .

Charlie , W5COV

On 4/6/2013 7:30 PM, Jeremy Utley wrote:
Hey all!

Want some advice from the experts, as I sit here in Branson after the presentations. During Joe (K0NEB)'s presentation on kit building, he recommended getting a bunch of "common" parts (resistors, caps, etc) and keeping them on hand in case you need them.  As a beginning builder, I was thinking I don't have much of a junk box built up currently, and I wondered if some of you in the group were just starting over again, what kind of stuff would you want to stock up on?  Know of someplace that sells a "grab bag" of common stuff?  Any advice you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated!


Jeremy, N9PH

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