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Dick Hammond

Welcome Greg to 4SQRP, put a hinge base plate on that tower and stay on the ground,
will enjoy radio longer that way.  Dick,  n0tgr

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I have all the equipment (gin pole, harness etc… but I am only comfortable up to 40-50 foot… I might start and get at least that high but have not made a firm decision yet. I have several volunteers for the “ground” crew.  I have the concrete going in for the anchors and both towers next week.  It will be nice to see progress!  The LM-470 base will need to sit 30 days before attaching the tower to it. but the Rohn should be ready in a couple weeks.

Greg - WI4T

BTW nice to meet you guys

On Feb 9, 2017, at 10:29 AM, Paul Smith <n0nbd@...> wrote:

Hello and WELCOME Greg,
Leave the climbing for a younger person. I had bypass surgery 15 years ago and still dont climb..... I do have a tilt over tower..... CU in Branson in a few weeks de Paul Smith N0NBD
Ozarkcon Chairman
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I am one of the new guys - WI4T (Greg) from near Jerico Springs Missouri and I am coming to OzarkCon...  just saying :>)

I have been a ham for 30 years and am currently installing a 90' Rohn 25 if I can find a climber (I climb but had heart surgery 1 year ago and trying to decide if I should climb that high).   Also I have ordered a LM-470 which should be here in a month or so for my Cubex Mark IV extended boom quad (30 foot boom with 4 - 26 foot spreaders.  Should do a good job on QRP.

I look forward to meeting people at OzarkCon!


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