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Don Jackson

On 02/12/2013 12:46 PM, Julius Fazekas wrote:
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Today my email has been swamped by 4sqrp emails, anyway to get back to "digest mode"?


Julius Fazekas
Hi Julius,

I feel for you and understand your concern. If you have already signed up for the 4sqrp reflector on yahoo groups, then send me a private email ( and I'll remove you from the old list. Once you are on the yahoo groups 4sqrp page, you can edit your preferences so that you are back on digest mode.

THIS SAME THING goes for anyone else who was on digest mode formerly.

If everyone would move over right away, it would solve the problem. This will not happen. So I need to keep the old reflector going and eventually send some strong reminder messages to the stragglers. The information as to who used to be on digest mode is lost, so I cannot just put those who were, back on that mode. (Make sense?)

Don AE5K

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