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Good morning all.  Glad to hear the bands weren't as bad as usual this month.

The SSS has no QSY requirement.  Dupes (same station, same band) are not allowed, even if separated by an hour and are on different frequencies (in the same band).  We try to make this EASY other than due to band conditions, which I have no control over.

Please remember to send in your scores by Tuesday evening.  I'll be tabulating results and making the February certificate early Wednesday morning. Go to to do that.


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Question:  Is the SSS truly a Sprint in which the op calling CQ must QSY after every contact?


I heard Paul but QSB was so bad I could not work him.  Then I managed to squeak out a QSL with KV6Z (RST 449), twenty minutes later I worked him again 599 in VA!  Yeah a dupe, but the band had improved so much I wanted to say hello!


Ken ke4rg



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The SSS was fun. The bands were better that they have been for weeks. I enjoyed it much de Paul N0NBD


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