Re: PigRig program button stopped working

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I spoke too soon. It worked fine for about 5 minutes then the keyer went whacky again. Now I'm getting weird sounds when I key down. If I hit the switch the sidetone sounds fine, but as soon as I start to send, there's a very loud hum as I key it. I tried different keys thinking it might be a plug or something, but I'm back to thinking that it's the keyer IC.


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Ok guys, here's an update.

Well, the keyer chip has mysteriously rebooted itself and is now working. Don't ask me what happened. I took the rig to the shop and checked everything. I found that the stock switch was indeed intermittent so I installed a mini toggle switch for now until I can locate a momentary switch like the one that came with the kit. While I was at it, I installed a power indicator led light which will be helpful when I operate via battery. I also discovered in the process that one of my APP connectors in a 3 way dongle that I built is not good, which explains the sudden and nerve wracking loss of power which at the time I took as a very bad sign.

Anyhoo, all is well and the radio is happily chirping along. Now all I have to do is get someone to answer my call and confirm my calling freq and all will be well in the world.


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I decided to try to realign my xmit freq and adjusted the cap so I heard a good signal on 7030.7 on my big rig.

After doing that, I put everything back together and hooked it up and now I don't have any control of my keyer.

What should I look for?


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