A reminder to the QRP ops

Bry Carling <af4k@...>

Hey guys - just a reminder that we have a great event for you all this week. Novice Rig Roundup.

This year I have already worked a record number of QRP stations, including AE4TO, sergio in Miami just a few minutes ago on 7.120 MHz. He was using a Mountain Topper. I am on my trusty old Drake 2NT.

EVERYONE is invited with ANY rig. I hope you will all join in the fun!

Listen for stations calling CQ NRR and give them a shout. They will be most thankful and will listen carefully for weak signals!

Full details here:


ANNOUNCING NOVICE RIG ROUNDUP 2017!!! The dates are 0000 UTC on FEB 18 through 2359 UTC on FEB 26, 2017 - that is 9 full days (UTC.) GOOD NEWS: THIS WILL COVER two ...



73 - Bry, WN4NRR

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