I think I'm on the same path.  I've been trying to re-create boards using Chuck Adams methods, but with varying degrees of success.  Learning curve on using the software was huge, but I got past it.  Latest attempt was a lot of closely spaced traces but after 3-4 tries I was suffering quality issues in the transfer.    My little paper laminator just doesn't get hot enough, I think I need a badge laminator.  I tried the household iron, but was getting inconsistent results, partial transfers or distortion because of too much heat.

With a bit more research, I found someone using a hobby iron.  So have one of those on order ($27) to see if it gives me any better control over the transfer and heat.

Here's an interesting link I found which got me thinking about all the variables in the transfer.  Hope it is of some help.  Not sure I'd use his iron and rolling pin method, but how he chose to analyze the variables of heat/pressure etc helped me understand what I was trying to accomplish.

Good Luck
Hendrik - VA3HA

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