Jim, N5IB

Forgot to mention something in the previous post...

Some folks are put off by the cost of the hot laminator we've been mentioning.

Like Doug pointed out, there are some bargain deals to be found, though they seem to be not as plentiful these days. And don't discount an iron and some elbow grease.

But I found my laminator to be well worth the dollars. It may nigh have paid for itself (compared to having Office Depot do it) laminating insurance cards, med lists, photos, membership cards, even the odd souvenir fall leaf collected on leaf peeping trips.

It also does a dandy job of making a panel overlay for radio projects. I found it was possible to make a full color panel layout on a laser printer, then put it down of a piece of copper clad PCB material, cover it with just one side of a laminating pouch, and run it through. The films sticks to the face of the paper nicely, but you can easilly peel it away from the copper and be left with a very flat, but well protected panel overlay. Trim and cut/drill/punch holes as needed. It lies flatter on the panel surface than if it were laminated on both sides.

Nick and I will try to work a demo of that also into out talk.

Jim, N5IB

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