Re: te-ne-ke


Ben et. al.

Just got home from 10th annual Ocon(the birthday cake) was very good as was the rest of the food at the banquet!

I'm sure there will be many reports of the 2013 version of Ocon. I just wonder how something like Ocon could just get better and better. Every aspect that I can think of certainly was as good or improved upon from previous Ocons. Sorry to say that I wasn't able to partake in the build session but I know everyone was saying is was packed full and everyone seemed to have a smile on their face when talking about.

Now Ben, thanks for the clarification about the "the-ne-ke" paddles. I knew I got mine from Dennis or from folks that got them from Dennis so I was totally confused. I managed to get Dennis's call sign at Ocon and hope to get in contact with him. He was, sure he still is, a neat guy and a very conscientious dealer that was alway trying to make sure his buyers were happy and content with his products!!!

cu es 72, Bart W0IIT
Pittsburg, KS
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