OT: FS: Barely Used SDRPLAY receiver with extras

Jim Sheldon

I'd like to sell my SDR Play RSP1 SDR monitor receiver. It's barely
used. Originally sold for $149.95 and currently selling on Ham Radio
Outlet for $129.95. It normally does not come with the USB A-B cable,
has an SMA antenna connector and there are a number of different, free,
downloadable software packages that will run it. The most popular (and
now being included with it) is SDR Uno. The RSP1 covers 10KHz to 2GHz
and is very sensitive. It's a great monitoring package and with a
laptop is also very portable. It's powered via the USB cable.

I'll sell this one for $110 shipped anywhere in the US and will include
a USB A-B cable, an SMA to BNC female antenna adapter and a CD I burned
containing SDR UNO and the operating manual for it.

Prefer PayPal

If interested, please reply direct to w0eb@cox.net not via the
reflector. First "I'll take it" (by date/time of incoming email) will
get the right to buy it.


Jim - W0EB
Park City, KS

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