KX3 & USB sound cards

Ed Meyer, WG5F

Let me say that I've seen this discussed on the KX3 group and no one seems to have a answer that holds water.  Maybe the guys asking the questions just didn't make it clear (to what I'm looking for...)

I've had my KX3 since the first batches that came out.  I keep learning new things about it but one thing that has had me stumped is how it will work when connected to a STEREO input on my Laptop for Panadapter display.  

All my computers have MONO mic inputs.  They don't have a LINE IN.  So i can't take advantage of the RX I/Q connections. I'd love to get one of those $6 USB external sound cards, but none of them seem to have STEREO mic inputs.  I really hate to buy a big external BOX type external sound card, that adds bulk to my KX3 go bag.  I'd also not like to pay $30, $60, $100 bucks for it either.

What practical experience do any of you 4SQRP'rs have with the USB external sounds cards with STEREO mic inputs?  And more importantly your experience with the KX3 using the RX I/Q lines with programs such as va2fsq's WIN4K3Suite?  Any solid recommendations or warnings?  I've been piddling with this for 2 years and I'm ready to get over this hurdle.

Again - this is not for just digital mode operating.  I'm not talking about running FLDigi, or other such programs.  I know that I don't need a stereo input for that (and it's not hooked to the RX I/Q lines.)  I want to play with the SDR capabilities of the KX3 and interface it more integrally while portable.

Any help?

-Ed, WG5F-


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