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Phil Anderson

Hello Ed and Karen......congrats on the grandchild; we have two.........and so wonderful.
We'll be looking for ya next year,
Uncle Phil, W0XI and Pat N0GZZ....
Lawrence, KS 66049

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Karen & arrived in Branson, Friday around 6PM from Tulsa, and got our registration packets and then dashed off to our motel and got a quick bite to eat and made it back for the 7PM kit build. Karen did a great job on the digital interface and I had a blast helping her. She was very proud of her handi-work.
We made a quick run by the vendor room as it was closing up then headed to Sonic for a milk shake and then back to the motel. On our way, our son in Ft Worth (W5DTM) called and said they were on their way to the maternity ward in Fort Worth. We knew this was an outside possibility - but the Daughter-in-law was running 5 weeks early.
By 4AM Saturday, we knew that they were not going to stop the delivery and we'd have a new grand baby sometime on Saturday. We slept in until 8AM and then got ready to head to Ft Worth. They took the baby via c-section at 9:08 AM Saturday and new harmonic Lainey Elousie was brought into the world. That was the sweet part of the weekend.
The bitter part was we missed all the seminars and fellowship that we had looked forward too for weeks. (Not sure if that great deal for two nights motel stay via Groupon will work out so well now either...)
So - I look forward to all the reviews and musings from everyone that attended. We hope to be there again next year for the full weekend!
-Ed & Karen-

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