Re: OzarkCon Alert: Special Prize Package after the 60 Minute Circuit Board presentation



    Looking forward to the presentation by you and Jim.

    I also hope to get some pointers about generating gerber output and any required/normal settings for same.

See Ya in a month....

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I’m really happy to be part of the toner transfer presentation, but N5IB is actually the lead man on the effort.
I’ve gotten into this discussion late and have seen some good pro and con opinions.
The cost is a big one. It takes a lot to pry me loose from a dollar, so I wanted to be sure I was getting into something that would work for me. I checked out Chuck’s videos and read comments on QRP-Tech, plus bugged Jim N5IB with questions.
The biggies are a Laser printer and a laminator.  I was surprised that the printer was less than $60. And it has other value in my shack (as a printer, of all things). It prints faster and cheaper than the color inkjet. The laminator I only use for PCB work. Can it cook a grilled cheese sandwich?  I don’t know. I bit the bullet and bought the nice Apache laminator. I may have saved some money with another brand but I decided to go with the one with the best reviews.
I had kind of reached a limit on PCB complexity using my typical Manhattan and Ugly methods. Yes, you can do complex stuff in Manhattan like the 2N2/40 if you have the skills of K8IQY or NA5N.  My boards just grow and get unwieldy and collapse under their own weight and chaotic layout. Doing a layout with ExpressPCB enforces a kind of structure on me. I must complete the layout before I can start building. I’d have never gotten the complex boards for my phasing receiver done without the transition to doing my own boards this way.
As far as the “fab houses” go – it’s hard to imagine that I won’t eventually give them a go. Right now I don’t have anything that will output Gerber and learning the rules of Gerber will be a new task for me. Possibly a couple of downsides ... If there’s a limit of ten or even three boards, do I need that many?  If I make a major mistake, I’ve made it triplicate (or tenfold). Corrections are easier here in my home mad scientist’s laboratory.
I think if I were using through-hole parts I’d probably want to use a fab house – who wants to drill all those holes?  But I’ve become completely sold on SMT and/or converting conventional parts to SMT in the manner of Pittsburgh or Chuck’s “Muppet” method.  (Or Manhattan, for that matter). SMT is easier to probe and test, easier to remove and replace parts, easier to make minor corrections to the circuit.  Most of the stuff I do is being done “for the first time” (at least by me), so I need to be able to test and fix.
OK, there’s my two cents worth. CU in Branson.
Nick, WA5BDU
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    Nick is giving a presentation specifically on this subject at the coming OzarkCon.  Perhaps you would want to attend to get his first hand information ??

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Gee, I didn't spend nearly that much for my supplies to build boards.  I think Nick uses the Chuck Adams, K7QO method that is on his web site.  I am a huge fan of that method, and have made over 100 boards without a single failure.  After trying for over 20 years and failing every single time, I was amazed at how easy it is once you use Chuck's method.  Here is what I spent:
Laminator $25 Ebay
Samsung 2020 Laser Printer, $49 Fry's
Pyrex dish, $5 dollar store
Digital Thermometer, $8 Harbor Freight
Plastic clamp $1 for 6, Harbor Freight
3% Hydrogen Peroxide, $1.89 for 32 ounces, Lucky's Grocery Store
Muriatic Acid, $5 gallon, Home Depot
Steel Wool, $2 Home Depot
3m scouring pad, $2 Orchard Supply
pcb, ebay $7
Adds up to $105.89.
Guess you guys must be including the computer, lol.  I recommend that you attend Nick's session, you will learn a lot.  The best thing is that you will then be able to build any circuit you want to.  It is like unlocking the world.  72, Doug
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Amazing prize drawing! Thanks, Ed.
73....Walter - K5EST

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