Woody Hester

Ken is still at the same Rehab. facility.  Expects to be there two more weeks.  Hopes to go home with daily assistance after that.  Although stroke has effected his good side, he is now able to ambulate with a quad cane.  Has lost quite a bit of sensation in his right hand and fingers (his good side).  Currently receiving intensive occupational and physical therapy daily.  Asked that I convey his salutations to all and his thanks for cards!.  He is very sad that he won't be at Ozarkcon or FDIM.  For any who would like to send him a card of encouragement, his mailing address at the Rehab. facility is:

Ken Louks

C/O HealthSource

3340 Hospital Road

Saginaw, MI 48603

He also receives mail sent to his home (address good on QRZ.Com)


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