Re: Book - "Two Eggs On My Plate"


hi hi..... that's a good one !

And, for all I know it could be 'Snow', you know how it is sometimes trying to detect the spelling in some people's cursive handwriting.

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On 3/13/2017 13:57, 'John R. Lonigro' jonigro@... [4sqrp] wrote:

Maybe there should be a special raffle at Ozarkcon for the book. Anybody
named "Snaw" would get a free chance.

John, AA0VE

On 03/13/2017 01:46 PM, Robert Rode Midnitetoaker1958@... [4sqrp]
> To David ..Martin I recently bought a copy of that book, not hard
> cover but heavy paper,.. it isnt such a pretty book as u mention, it
> was shipped from England, from a book trader, cost me just under $4
> including shipping,..hope you find the right buyer,.. Interesting
> book, tells the trial and problems being a spy,..I expected more of it
> to be about Radios than cutting fences and such, I am keeping mine
> just the same,.. maybe you shud do the same,...just saying..Robert /
> W9ESX Chicago..
> On Mon, Mar 13, 2017 at 12:19 PM, David Martin davemrtn@...
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> > wrote:
> Back in January I found a copy of the book "Two Eggs On My Plate"
> on the internet.
> I didn't know it at the time, but this copy was in New Zealand. I
> don't know if it was first sold in New Zealand, I assume it was
> since it has an ink stamp for a book seller named "J. H. Bigelow
> LTD." and that New Zealand book company was 'dissolved' in 1988.
> There is also a handwritten note inside the front cover saying,
> "To Snaw, Xmas 1952. From Peter", if I read the 'to' name
> correctly. To me the recorded date was of most significance.
> This book is almost (if not) 65 years old and given it's age, I
> would say it is in 'excellent' condition. There are a very few
> places on the hard cover that just show the least touch of
> wear/age, and the pages are discolored a bit with the worst being
> the back side of the last page next to the interior of the back cover.
> If you search Amazon for this title you will find a picture of the
> book, and the one I have looks just like that picture.
> Like I said, this book is in fantastic condition for a 65 year old
> book.
> I can't make up my mind whether to keep it as a 'prized'
> possession on the book shelf, or let the highest bidder have it to
> enjoy the true story it contains about a Norwegian man and his
> efforts as a spy/resistance fighter during WWII against the German
> occupation of Norway.
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