SSS Results

John Lonigro

Well, we had 16 participants this month, which is pretty respectable. We also had 5 new participants, which is great:

Jeff (K5UP), John (N0EVH), Mark (WB9HFK), Everett (N5MZX), and Sean (AD0QG).

Welcome and we hope you become regular participants. With new participants, I need to look up details like QTH and 4SQRP number, which I will do shortly.

The winner this month is Chas, W2SH, with 24 QSO points. Congratulations Chas. Your E-certificate will be sent shortly.

This was the last SSS before Ozarkcon. Hope to meet many of the participants in person over that weekend. And remember the April SSS will be on the Sunday of Ozarkcon weekend. Might be a challenge for some of you, or it might be a chance for others to catch up with the leaders.


John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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