My local USPS office has started a new practice and I wanting to see if this is now a nation wide practice.

My local USPS will not accept a credit card unless it is signed on the back.

Is this now the practice at your local USPS ??

I have always written "Check ID" in the white box on back to deter unauthorized use, but they don't care.  AND, if there is a signature on back, they don't bother to check ID's if that is requested on the card.

I borrowed the workers felt-tip pen and signed my in the smallest unreadable pen that I could and he said "good enough, I'll accept that".... honest, if you looked at you can't tell what it is.

The next time I went to the USPS to ship something, I wrote a check.  I was very meticulous at filling in the register book and writing the check.  And when the postal worker started tapping her fingers on the counter, I became even more meticulous.

When you use a credit card over the phone, or internet, no one checks for signatures - they CAN'T.  I went to my congressman's local office to register a complaint and his assistant was surprised to hear about the new practice, and said he also has "Check ID" written on the back of his cards.

David Martin - NA1MH - Mountain Home, Ar. -----------------------------------------

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