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My local USPS office has started a new practice and I wanting to see if this is now a nation wide practice. My local USPS will not accept a credit card unless it is signed on the back. Is this now the practice at your local USPS ??

​This has been true here in Oregon for several years. Though most--maybe all--merchants tolerate the "check i.d." dodge, by contract with the card companies they're not supposed to. You'll also note on your cards and the contracts associated with them that the cards are not valid without a signature.

I've never understood why--it always seemed nuts to me to give a model of my signature for would-be forgers to copy. Add to that the reality that there's never been a way to check the validity of a signature on a sales slip and the whole thing seems ridiculous. Perhaps there's some arcane reason why the banks and the card companies still formally insist on one, but it's their policy, not the Post Office's. The USPS may be the only institution that follows the rules to the letter, but it's not their rules. These are rules instituted by VISA, MC, etc. ​

Personally, I don't sign my cards and I'm usually asked for i.d. instead at private businesses. If I need to use a card at the Post Office, I use a debit card. Because you swipe the card and enter the PIN yourself, signatures aren't involved. In fact, I think the signs at the PO refer only to credit cards.


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