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Don Wilhelm

I guess I live a charmed life with a good and conscientious USPS delivery person. I get a LOT of USPS packages, and for those that do not fit in my large mailbox (at the end of a 3/4 mile unpaved private road), he will drive down my 1/4 mile driveway and deliver the package to my front door. I could not expect better service.
I do reward him every holiday season with a cash gift and a jar of the XYL's jam. I do not have a paved road into the subdivision, and the postman is quite prompt.

Perhaps I am in the minority, but I could not expect better service from USPS.

UPS is also great for me. The driver comes to the door and if I am away, he leaves the parcels - I do have a "driver release" in place with UPS, so that is possible except when my customer requests a 'direct signature'.

FedEX is also good, but most FedEx deliveries I receive require a direct signature which can be inconvenient since the XYL and I go out for errands and lunch about the time the deliveries happen. That means I have to get the "delivery slip" and wait until the next day for the actual delivery. FedEx does not offer me a "driver release" like UPS does.

A lot of the problems with USPS and UPS for those in remote addresses depends on the local carrier and how much he/she is willing to do for their customers. The UPS driver also gets a Holiday gift along with my thanks for his service.


Sat Mar 18, 2017 6:56 pm (PDT) . Posted by:
I live 1.2 miles off the state maintained roads here on Bald Top Mountain in Alexander County, NC on a asphalt paved road maintained by all the homeowners in the subdivision paying $20 per month for road maintenance and when I get a package that won't fit in the mailbox the postman leaves me one of those brown slips of paper to pick it up at the post office which is a 14 mile round trip. I contacted the Postmaster and ask him couldn't the courier drive 1.2 miles off his route to deliver my package rather than make me drive 14 miles to get it and he said, no, that it's their policy that the mail courier isn't allowed to alter their regular route by more than ½ mile! My first thought when he said that was it's no wonder the USPS runs in the red every single year! It certainly isn't customer service oriented!

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