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I will help you...taking this off the 4sqrp reflector.

Rich K8MEG

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Subject: [4sqrp] QRPometer Calibration

Good morning all, 

I've cross-posted this question in the qrpometer group, but as the traffic there is very low with it's retirement, I hope this forum may yield some answers. In the qrpometer group, I found two other posts where the author described the same problem, but neither had a resolution. 

After 3.5 years of sitting in my project bin, I put together the Qrpometer today. 

Voltage at TP1 remains at 7.8v regardless of the pot R33 setting.
I've checked the solder joints on R31, R32, U1, and C8. 
I've confirmed that the pot itself is functioning 

Can anyone share some wisdom on this one please? 


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