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Jim Sheldon

Tired?  Tired don't get it by half, but it was an absolutely fun weekend.  N5LXW and I left Branson around 8:00 Sunday morning.  We must have rolled through Beaumont sometime before the hailstorm hit as we didn't even get rained on.  The skies to the South were really dark looking pretty much all the way along highway 400, but didn't notice any lightening during our drive.  We stopped at Bacani Plaza just outside of Fredonia about 11:30 for a short munchie break and got to my place in Park City around 1:30.  It sprinkled a few drops as we were unloading the car and getting all of N5LXW's stuff transferred to his car so he could head up to Newton, but that was all the precip of any type we saw the whole trip.  To top that off, only had .01" of rain in the gauge this morning.  Need MORE here -
Sorry you guys got hailed on - Paul, you apparently got hammered!  OUCH!  Don'cha just hate it when that happens!!!!  Glad everybody that has reported in got home safely.
Jim - W0EB

>The Enigma machine is actually from the website called --
> which, I think is in Holland, not Bletchley Park, England.  That
> website has a lot of info on the old cipher and crypto machines,
> including simulators for the Enigma and the American KL-7 that can
> be downloaded and run on just about any PC.  The simulators actually work just like
> the real machines did.
> Jim - W0EB
>> On 04/07/2013 13:42, Phil Anderson wrote:
>>> Yup, a neat show and good talks. Tom, I too noted Woody's
>>> electronic Enigma simulator and it sure was a beautiful and
>>> neat project. He indicated we could order it through a
>>> group/museum? in the via google to find. Anybody
>>> else tired? Hi. Unk Phil

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