Souped Up Bayou Jumper with Soup'er Up'er add-on board


    I have been working on an add-on board for the Bayou Jumper and now have one installed in my own Bayou Jumper.

    I call the board the Soup'er Up'er and it adds Sidetone, Fine Tuning, RX Audio Muting during transmit, and a Hi-Per-Mite CW Filter adapted to the Bayou Jumper.

    I did get approval from NM0S to use his circuit design (Hi-Per-Mite).

    Someone (I haven't requested his permission to tell you about this) kindly allowed me to piggy-back a PCB order onto an order he was placing, so I have 9 extra PCBs besides the one I built and installed in my Bayou Jumper.

    I will have my Bayou Jumper and the 9 extra PCBs at OzarkCon 2017 along with a sample instruction manual.  I only purchased enough parts to build the one for my radio so if you get one of the PCBs, you will need to order your own parts.... for now.

    The manual will include building instructions, a Soup'er Up'er schematic, hole drilling templates with dimensions and a B.O.M.

The manual will be made available (online) after OzarkCon 2017.

Photos of my Bayou Jumper with the added controls and the Soup'er Up'er PCB are posted in the Bayou Jumper Yahoo Groups photo section.

See ya' at OzarkCon 2017.....  It is ALWAYS a great and fun event.

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