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Dale Putnam

I've built 6m & 2m J-poles, and used the Arrow. The Arrow is a whole lot easier, less time and fuss, to set up and use. About as plug and play as can be.

I've spent many hours building 2 & 6 m J poles, that's a fun way to spend a few days, setting up a 2 in dia 6 m J-pole. The 2 m is a little easier, mostly because the size. I used 3/4 in copper tubing, and plexiglass. Works well.. but it took a couple days fiddling around to gather all the parts, pieces, fit and tuning. The Arrow took 15 minutes to be on the air.

  They both talked the same.

  Your choice.

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The slim jim works much better then the J pole
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The TOA is about 3-5
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GE John, please take a look at Arrow Antennas:

Maybe the site will give you some ideas!

73....Walter - K5EST

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