Re: Class E based PSK31

Don Jackson

While I don't want to try to throw a wet blanket on anyone's ideas, I have to wonder for *what purpose* this kit offering would be used?  The blog shows one for beacon use.  Do we really need more beacons?  And if so, what possible advantage would this kit provide over the established and very well used beacon mode of WSPR?  And if you're going to suggest a WSPR beacon kit for 4sqrp, then I'd advise looking over QRP-Labs offerings by Hans first to make sure something unique is being provided.  I'm not at all "anti-beacon" that some hams are, but with WSPR available, do we really need more beacons in our bands?

On the other hand, if this project is being proposed as the transmit half for two way communication, where is the receive half? And why should this be used in place of present methods?  Some years ago, many of us used (and I still do) the PSK80/40/20 Warbler series of modules which were complete PSK31 transceivers and quite useful for communications.  Maybe it might be time for 4sqrp to resurrect those designs if blessing of original designer was obtained -- to me that makes a lot more sense for a useful 4sqrp kit and I suspect there may be some interest and demand for them.

Don AE5K

On 04/04/2017 01:24 PM, danconklin2@... [4sqrp] wrote:

I would love to see 4 State QRP group kit up something like this:

Maybe improve the design, but an easy-to-build  PSK31 transmitter would be a great project.

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