OzarkCon reference materials

Don Jackson

Well, another great year of OzarkCon has come to an end!

I enjoyed most talks and probably found NM0S's presentation on ham radio and scouts, his short preview of coming kits, and WD5AGO's presentation mostly about VHF and higher very interesting to me.  I'm sure, it's each to his own of what one enjoys or learns from the most.  Thanks to all presenters and also all who worked behind the scenes to make another great year.

I am writing this to say I'm looking forward to accessing reference material that speakers said they'd put on the 4SQRP website (or their own).  I would like to encourage for ALL to share their materials with us, not only because we didn't take good enough notes, but as reminders.  Yes, it is a little more work to submit your power point or other materials to the 4SQRP webmaster, and more work for him to place it properly for our access, but I feel it is well worth the effort as a follow up to great presentations.

If the presenter has a website of their own that they can put their materials on, that is great!  Make sure it is publicized.  Next best is on the 4SQRP website, and finally, if all else fails, I have room to post them on my web host provider's site and service.  Just let me know if you'd like to do that.

A lot of work happens in the preparation of any decent talk.  Don't let it disappear -- post it on the web!  My very old talk on QRPp/QRSs given to the old QRP conference held in Fort Smith in 2003 is still on line and still accessed by hundreds of hams throughout the world each year.  It is referenced through links by several well known ham website too.  I am just very happy that someone may gain something out of a talk given 14 years ago!

Share it!


Don AE5K

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