Dale Putnam

Tuesday evening local.. the LAST FOXHUNT of the winter season, will be held. April 11, (local) will be the day, the regular time to start. Check the webpage
Welcome to the QRP FOX HUNT! Home Page "It's a fine fox chase, my boys!" George Washington, Battle of Princeton, 1777

for the rules.. the exchange will be RST, State, Name, Pwr ..

To honor one of our members will be missed, K9JWV (SK) recently, many of us will be using "JIM" in the exchange. How many "JIM"s can you find?

Please post your log on the qfox reflector, that will be our only scores for this final FOXTRAVAGANZA.. of the season. COME Have some fun with us.!!

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

"Actions speak louder than words"
1856 - Abraham Lincoln

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