Re: Hidden Oscillator - FOUND !!!


It was fun and a bit surprising to find the hidden TX. 
I was going to borrow a small directional loop from N5IB but couldn’t find him in time, so I went to my room and turned on the KX3 with its dummy load antenna which consisted of a 51 ohm resistor in series with a loop of wire about 4’ in diameter.
When I turned on the rig the signal was loud and clear, but wasn’t moving the S-meter. I was on the 2nd floor maybe ten or so doors down from the lobby. I wadded up the wire and ran up and down the aisles watching the S-meter. I found that the signal was peaking up in the area near the ticket booth in the corner of the lobby where we had picked up our packets.  It was also loud in that part of the flea market room across the wall and also in the lobby to the left of the ticket booth.  I also checked just outside.
I could see that it was strongest (S8 with the dummy load antenna) right in that area left of the ticket booth. There was a suit of armor and a table with black cloth covering it and a bell on top of it.  I crawled under the table and found a package of mini donuts frosted with powdered sugar.  Was it in there?  No.  I kept going to the suit of armor where the signal was strong, but it had sharp edges and seemed a bit fragile for a frantic/clumsy search so I assumed the transmitter wouldn’t be inside of it.
Finally I started looking UP.  There was some wooden trim extending down from the ceiling about a foot or so that defined the nook the table with the bell sat in. The back side of that trim had a small edge or shelf about an inch or two wide and sitting on it was a small white plastic case with two or three feet of wire exiting the top.  Got it!
Better to be lucky than good?  Maybe.
Nick, WA5BDU

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I had to leave quickly after Ozarkcon wrapped up since the wife & kids &
I had tickets for the Dixie Stampede, so didn't get to search for the
transmitter. Where was it hidden?

Tom Sevart N2UHC
St. Paul, KS

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