WOW  what a hoot the con 17 folks were fantastic.  don,t  think folks know how much they get for their registration FEE $$$ the food was great .lots of prizes,  and the speakers. were top of the line..Dave Cripp  talked abt.  his radio fun with the boy scouts .that,s what dads&moms are all about . thats what will make this great hobbie grow . and if you didn't make ANY new friends you better check your pulse hi hi .thanks.... things were fixed so if you wanted to see a show on sat night .you had plenty of time  wife and i saw Moses was a  very good performance .so just wanted to let all the people behind this great  ozarkcon THANKS  FOR ALL YOU DO  73 and GOD BLESS    JANET & JIM  DAVIDSON  KC0DD  CON # 187

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