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Another concern is Microsoft stopped supporting XP quite a while ago. Any security issues found after support stopped will not be fixed. I'm keeping one Win XP computer for an old HP scanner I've got (that HP decided not to write Win10 drivers for), but I've got the internet turned off for that machine. Upgrading the old CPU to Windows 10 turns out to cost only a little less than buying a cheap new Windows 10 computer.

Another option, as mentioned by several people, is to switch to Linux. I current run "wine" on my Linux computer and am able to run many Windows programs from it, even the ExpressPCB software mentioned at Ozarkcon.

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On 04/10/2017 09:45 PM, RWeeks [4sqrp] wrote:
IMHO, if your going to use it just for the Ham Shack...dump the Windows and load up Linux...
It is a bit of a learning curve BUT I am running Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon on an HP Pavillion and liking it much more than WIN 10...
In fact as soon as I get my Linux legs under me I will be converting a Toshiba Satellite over to the same.

If your not sure about the change, you can put Linux on a CD and run it off the disc....that way if you decide not to use it nothing is lost...just eject the disc and reboot back to whatever Windows demon-ware you are comfortable with...

Good Luck

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On Apr 10, 2017, at 16:42, Brian Ford <> [4sqrp] < <>> wrote:

Can in from a service call, and found a large box on the porch, it is a used, but working emachine PC running XP. No wireless card in it so I'll have to move it in the shop close to the modem. A couple of days to clean out and uninstall games and such.

Any windows gurus?


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