EZ Keyer II i TH for sale

Don Jackson

I won an EZ Keyer II i TH at OzarkCon last Saturday and wish to either trade for a surface mount version or to sell this kit to someone who could use it.  Contrary to the mistaken and misguided ideas of some in 4SQRP, a lot of us MUCH prefer surface mount kits to thru-hole types.  I just happen to be one.  An online survey of members conducted some years ago showed that too. Off soapbox.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the prize.  And I don't think I'm an old grouch!

Anyone have an unbuilt surface mount version of the EZ Keyer II i (i=internal, no enclosure version) they would like to swap for a thru-hole version?  I'll pay postage both ways if so.

If I fail to find a swap, I'd then like to sell this kit.  4SQRP lists it at $20 plus $2.67 postage, I'll sell mine for $15 postpaid.  It is unopened in the padded bubble mailer.  Pay Pal accepted.  Info at: <  http://www.4sqrp.com/ek2i.php  >  Attn: webmaster -- maybe correction needed in this sentence: "Both through home and SMT versions."

Don AE5K

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