Re: Need Help with Ozarkcon Prize

Sean Edwards

Thanks for the reply but that's not the kit I received.

-=Sean Edwards=-

On April 12, 2017, at 9:15 AM, WA0ITP <wa0itp@...> wrote:

Hello again Sean,

Glad you enjoyed OzarkCon and  you won a prize. If it is our SSCPO kit, the documentation is online. Our home page provides picture links to all of our kits. Look here for your CPO documentation

Sri we didn't get introduced at OzarkCon, and hope to see you next year.  
I love this radio stuff.
On 4/12/2017 12:08 AM, Sean Edwards cybersean3000@... [4sqrp] wrote:
This was my first Ozarkcon and I had a great time!  I won a prize, generously donated by Larry Hastings AB0AH.  It is a code practice oscillator kit, but there is no documentation,  no bom, no parts  list, no schematic, and no instructions.  The circuit board is etched, but there are no holes drilled through the pads.

I have a picture of the circuit board if you think you can identify where the kit came from or know where I can request documentation.  If you think you can help, contact me off list and I can send a picture of the circuit board.

-= Sean Edwards =-

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