Re: Wednesday evening nets

Johnny AC0BQ

Gm Wayne 
Nice net on 80 meters!
I was glad I could check in for a change.

I had a good copy on Chas and a light copy on Paul on 40 meters.
Yes the SSB skip was pretty rough.
Johnny AC0BQ 

On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 7:16 AM Wayne Dillon wayne.dillon@... [4sqrp] <4sqrp@...> wrote:

Good morning all,
OK, 40m was crap last evening, too much SSB spatter, maybe an alternative 40m QRG say 7116? I'll try and get a listen down that end and see how bad the spatter is.
Last evening's 40m checkins were:
WA9PWP - Paul - WI
W2SH - Charles - NJ

80m checkins:
KV6Z - Bill - OK
WA9PWP - Paul - WI
N0NBD - Paul - KS
NK8O - Chas - KS
AC0BQ - Johnny - KS
AF5AF - Rocky - AR
WA0ITP - Terry - IA
W2SH - Charles - NJ

W2SH - Charles - faded right out at the end but I'm happy to say he did make it into both nets.
Not only but also, PSK31 is now up andrunning at the NQ0RP shack so I guess I'll be visiting the dark side occasionally :) I'll do the first call around 20:00 CDT (01:00z) Friday evening on 5580.5 with the usual caveat, +/- as needed.

Thanks all es be blessed,
Wayne - NQ0RP

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