Phil Anderson <w0xiphil@...>

Here is my update on the garage sale April 22 from 8 AM to NOON. 

Ham Radio Garage Sale
w0xi, Phil, Lawrence, KS. 
when-where: April 22 (Saturday Morning 8 - noon)
4620 Harvard Road, Lawrence, KS 66049 (two blocks east, one block south of 6th & Wakarusa.
List of stuff: 

1. Lots of Parts and Radio Books: 
ICs (including LM386 audio amp, 12F629 microchips
Parts: 9 & 1.5 volt battery clips, pots, various plugs/jackes TRS, etc,
Various connectors: PL259, SO-239, alligator clips, etc
Knobs, 40 kHz ultrasound parts/transducers, diodes, caps, resistors (bunches!)
New Plastic project cases - two sizes...
Books, many! 3 boxes of etc
more "etc:
4 draws for parts: resistors, etc. 
2. Instruments and tools:
Promate II programmer for microchips
new rolls of wire: 24 hookup, 22 magnet, 26 magnet
camera tripod,
soldering gun,
more "etc"
3. shop tools:
Reciprocating saw, portor-cable belt sander, Craftsman drill press (table top),
Craftsman table saw, Robi bench Saw with adjustable angle,
work bench for above with mounted holes.  
4. box of jigs: i.e. project samples, on box ~ eight jigs.

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