Cricket Conspiracy

Sam Neal


This is a vast right-wing conspiracy to make me put up an 80 meter dipole. I
gotta have me one of them Cricket thingys!


Sam Neal N5AF
Subject: [4sqrp] Cricket heard in Utah, John Wayne, and Award.!

Woo Hoo!!Great range for Crickets. Some of the build session Crickets
were reported to be making 1.1W, so they may stretch out even further.
These are the John Waynes of the Cricket population :o) If you have a
John Wayne Cricket, you are lucky - but check the temp of Q2 often.

Check out tmmrw for a new Cricket award
invented and hosted by Bill Dekle, KV6Z. It promises to be great fun.

Pse post your Cricket success right here onthe 4sqrp and 4sqrpcricket
reflectors , and on QRP-L also. Let the world know that the Crickets are

I love this radio stuff.

On 4/11/2017 9:11 AM, [4sqrp] wrote:

I didn't get any takers with my CQ effort this morning, but 3 minutes
before I quit, and just as the grey line was passing over my house, an
RBN Spot popped up from NC7J in Layton, Utah.

NC7J is 933 miles away and reported a 3 dB SNR. I think that means
that my Cricket was twice as strong as the noise.

I see Cricketeer in my future. Oh yeah.


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