Re: some reservations.....

Bill Cromwell

On Tue, 2013-02-12 at 13:51 -0800, Gust Kegelaers wrote:

Jezus, 50 turns of wire on a plastic tube, amazing.
I've been messing with wires all my life Roy but at least they were
hanging outdoors!!

Gust Kegelaers
If there's life after death I hope there's amateur radio too!


When I moved to this QTH a while back I put up some speaker wire in a
horizontal loop inside my attached garage. It's about nine and a half
feet above the floor and goes all the way around where the walls and
ceiling meet. It's fed in one corner immediately above radio station
through a Johnson Matchbox (275 watt version). It was a temporary
antenna but it works too well on 40 through 10 meters to take it down!

When the propagation fairies are feeling playful a wet noodle will get
the job done.


Bill KU8H

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