Re: Exact Bayou Jumper Crystal Frequency?

Sean Edwards

I knew I should have put in a socket instead of soldering that crystal in!

-=Sean Edwards =-

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A friend of mine has suggested that we Cricket'ers consider adding another frequency, to be specific 3560 kHz.  Crystals seem to be readily available and inexpensive.  Thoughts?

Bob Groh, WA2CKY

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Here is the link to those 3.560 crystals, 10 for $10.49 on Ebay:

I was on the iPad last night, and I can't figure out how to do cut and pasting on that confounded Apple machine.



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On the engineer's alway's need to improve things: yeah, but the older engineers have learned to temper that a bit - build one first and then improve it!!  Or, with a $25 kit, just buy a build a new one.  Otherwise (as I can attest to), you wind up with a lot of half finished projects.  Another manifestation of the 'time to cut bait and do some fishing!!!"


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Remember this is a SIMPLE little kit.  Not ideal but just something simple to get folks talking and 'doing their thing' and having fun.  

​Sigh!  But engineers always need to *improve* things!😊

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