Re: Exact Bayou Jumper Crystal Frequency?

Jim Sheldon

There's one major problem with staying on 3579 - it's called PSK.  The PSK people are not listening to their frequency before transmitting (many don't recognize CW signals on their "Waterfall display) and they jump right on top of pretty much any non-PSK signal anywhere near there.  3560 is more like the QRP watering hole on 80 anyway and the 3560 crystals will probably come out near there, like maybe 3559+ so that would be much more practical if you actually want to use the Cricket to communicate, not just call unanswered CQ's until you accidentally get lucky.  Terry WA0ITP has been lucky as have several others but that ain't gonna last.  The more and more PSK signals that crop up on 80 and those using the "Warbler" style crystal controlled rigs (all use color burst crystals) will eventually cause problems and the "Cricketeers" will get discouraged and either put them on a back shelf to gather dust or sell them and create more frustrated Cricket owners.  It will be a never ending battle for sure.  Just my opinion, but I've already ordered some 3560 crystals for my Cricket (and for several local friends) when it gets here.

Jim - W0Eb

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But we can't be the colorburst army unless we are on 3.579... :-)  Just like can't be (40M) spies unless on 7.121.

71 Curt KB5JO

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