Request for OzarkCon 2017 photos

Jim, N5IB

My local club (Baton Rouge ARC) asked me to write an article for their newsletter
about OzarkCon 2017. Unfortunately I was having too much fun to take pictures  :^))

I'm looking for photos of
   a) the building session
   b) the homebrew contest entries
   c) the wacky key entries
   d) the Friday night dinner
   e) the swap/vendor area
   f) the speakers - in particular something of Nick (WA5BDU) and me

I just created an album on this 4SQRP yahoo group where you can upload photos you'd care to contribute. I stuck one picture in it just to open the album. Can't promise to use them all, but would like to show the folks in BR the flavor of OzarkCon.

Jim, N5IB

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