About the new Crickett transceiver

Prof. Arnaldo Coro Antich

Dear amigo:

Because 80 meters here in Cuba is a very noisy band, and thus there is little activity, we use 40 meters for across the Cuban archipelago contacts.

I wonder if the new Crickett maybe adapted for use on the 40 meters band ?

Our ¨Jaguey 82¨ double sideband and CW QRP rig does quite well while running 5 or up to 10 Watt using the power transistors recycled from the old CRT monitors and TV sets that drive the colors cathodes.

But, it is an now obsolete design , dating back to 1982, so we could benefit with a more modern QRP rig design. We need to use VFO control as quartz crystals are not locally available... Using NPN silicon transistors ( 3 of them in a circuit from Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur book ) provide good stability when using a Colpitts configuration with polyester capacitors recycled from Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs circuit boards !

73 and DX

Arnie Coro CO2KK

Host of Dxers Unlimited radio hobby program at Radio Havana Cuba

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