Cricket In A Sack

Sam Neal


My Cricket kit also arrived today, Monday 1 May. Now- to get that pesky 80
meter dipole up!


Sam Neal N5AF
Celebrating 60 Years In Amateur Radio
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My cricket arrived also.I hope work on it this afternoon.I will look for you
tonight Jim.

Dit Dit

Mike, W9QS
60th year in Ham Radio
First licensed in 1956 as KN6TBP

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Subject: [4sqrp] Another Cricket lives`

Finally got my cricket in the mail this morning. Took about an hour to
build it including a break for lunch. First thing I did was grab an old
9 volt battery I had laying on the desk (it had powered my MTR5B on and
off for a day or two). I didn't bother to measure the voltage, just
plugged 'er in and hooked the Cricket up to a dummy load through my
YouKits SWR/Wattmeter. Surprise, I got .70 watt out of it into the
Microwave Associates 20 watt dummy load I use for all my QRP rig
testing. OK, I don't have an 80 meter antenna that's easily accessible
without dismantling the Main Elecraft KLine station so I used the MFJ
9201 "Pocket Tuner" and my PAR EndFedZ 40-20-10 figuring it might work
as a 1/4 wave on 80 using the tuner. Wonder of wonders, it did and I
was able to get a 1.08:1 SWR on 3.57969 so I do believe I'm on the air!
Checked the receiver sensitivity using my slightly stingy SARK-110
calibrated signal generator and a good step attenuator the MDS on mine
worked out to be -108 dBm which isn't quite as good as David's specs
say, but again, the SARK-110 may be off and my step attenuator hasn't
seen a cal lab so I'm quite happy with the measurements I got! It hears
well and is very stable.

I built mine with the adapter for an external Key so I could use my
little Bunnell 6B that I put on a 1/2" thick Corian base. They make a
good combo. Just like Tom, N2UHC, until I got the SWR within reason,
the oscillator quit and I got a really chirpy, screaming sidetone. As
soon as the SWR dropped to under 3:1, the oscillator started, I got
output power and the sidetone cleaned right up. It really is a nice
little rig and now I'm going to have to put up a better 80 meter antenna
dedicated to the QRP rigs I have. Probably an inverted L or sloper to
the big Maple tree in the back yard, but the rain is going to have to
stay quit and the wind drop a bit before I do that. Meanwhile, I'll use
the EndFedZ and see if I can make any QSO's with that.

After the initial tests, I put a brand new 9 volt battery on and WOW, a
whole .74 watts into the dummy load and same into the antenna once I got
the SWR to the lowest.

I saw a real nice Cricket install in one of the small Hobby Lobby boxes
done in the manner we put the Bayou Jumpers into the big hobby lobby
box. He had it set in the lower right corner of that box and had to
chop out a bit of the cover wood to clear the key knob. I'm left
handed, so I'll put it in the back left of the box in the same way I did
my Bayou Jumper and everything will clear just fine - I'll also make
sure it sets about a 1/16th of an inch below the edges. Pix of that
later after I get my new set of boxes in from Hobby Lobby.

For now, I'll post pix on the 4 States Cricket group in the photo's
section and will post more pix when I finally get it mounted in the
small HL box.

Jim - W0EB

PS I'll be on 3.57969 around 7-7:30 Central this evening to see if I
can make my first QSO with it. May be on later if conditions aren't
good early on.

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