Re: Another Cricket lives`

Jim Sheldon

Well, I got wrapped up in building another project - this one is a bit
more time critical and the assembly manual was total junk! It's the
Mini HFPA 30 watt amplifier from HF Projects. The case/parts quality is
first rate and the circuit looks like it will be a good one but the
manual they sent me (via email) is missing about 10 critical steps and
they are the ones that if you screw them up, the $350 amp blows up in
your face! I found a whole bunch of bad component labeling on the PC
board VS the manual and have expressed my extreme displeasure with their
quality control on the manual! I'd have had the Cricket on tonight if I
hadn't gotten so wrapped up in the amplifier project. (I know, it ain't
QRP but the way 40 has been lately, I'm taking it along for insurance
when we head for Louisiana to visit family around the first of July.

Jim - W0EB

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Finally got my cricket in the mail this morning.

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