About a future project for 40 meters with enough power to increase its usability also as EMCOMM emergency radio

Prof. Arnaldo Coro Antich

Dear amigos: Tens of thousands, maybe much more radio amateurs and would be hams around the world will certainly enjoy operating on the 40 meters band during the tail end of solar cycle 24 and the expected slow rise of activity of cycle 25.

According to my forecasts, 40 meters will be our most useful band for Dxing after sunset local time for a long time to come, while providing nice contacs using the NVIS propagation daytime mode.

After our successful experiments with the Jaguey 82 ( 1982 vintage technology of solid state devices ) it became quite clear that one needs a stable VFO, a sensitive receiver, power output at a bare minimum of 5 Watt , and better if possible to achieve 10 Watt or even 25 Watt RF to the antenna.

Also... it was found out that both CW and Voice mode were both essential... if we wanted the rig to play a role in our emergency communications nets.... The transceiver had to be capable of operating from a 12 volts DC source...

Because we did not and continue to not have available SSB bandwidth crystal or electromechanical filters for the voice mode, our Jaguey 82 ended up as a CW and Double Sideband transceiver using the Minimum Parts Count design criteria.

After enjoying the contributions of 4sqrp club to the design of low power transceivers, like the most recent CRICKETT, I am sure that it would be possible to pool all the available participants to embark into a 40 meters transceiver project that could be built using the most commonly available parts...

Your comments are invited amigos... I can send a hand drawn schematic of an initial approach to such a transceiver.... that already is showing good results receiving...

73 and DX

Arnie Coro


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