Re: Hyper-Cricket at 12 volts?


Possibly the drive level of the prior stage could be in play.  12 volts can allow higher power output, but there has to be enough drive level.  when there is enough drive (via an extra NPN transistor maybe) - then one can question if the 2N7000 can safely provide the dissipation.  using a BS170, perhaps again the drive level is in question. 

As I shared earlier, a companion board with VFO and an audio filter would be useful and easy, but more output power impacts the Cricket too much for most builders - and a 2X power increase isn't that noticed being about 1/2 an S-unit.  But with care one could home-brew a hyper cricket. 

One more thought - KC9ON may still sell multi-crystal boards that were intended for a Pixie - that may work fine with the Cricket.  Most shacks likely already have an audio filter (I did not ask Terry if he was using one when we QSO'ed half-way across NA. 

73 CUL


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