Re: Hyper-Cricket at 12 volts?

Jim, N5IB

Consider this doodad for providing 9V to your Cricket
follow the "Current Limiter" link at

Easy perfboard or DIY PC board.
Has the extra feature of adjustable current limiting to keep the smoke in.


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As someone mentioned, the main reason for making the Cricket work on 12
volts is just to have it run in the shack without wasting 9 volt
batteries. My suggestion is to build a simple 9 volt regulator that has
a snap connector on the output and a powerpole (or whatever) on the
input. There would be no mods made to the Cricket and, when desired, a
12 volt power supply could be used to power it. All the parts
(regulator and a couple of capacitors) would easily fit into a 35 mm
film can (remember them?) or a small pillbox. With the current levels
we are talking about, no heat sinks would be required.
John, AA0VE

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